Enemies & Training Room tweaks

So I realized that the bandits were attacking way too fast.
The biggest challenge for new players might be the actual controls and getting the grip of them, so throwing those super fast attacking swordsman bandits right away is painful for those who are trying to learn.
I always felt comfortable with the combat so I never felt the need to actually tweak them, my bad.

There are 2 versions of each bandit, so from now on, it should be very easy to deal with the normal versions as you can now anticipate (briefly) their attacks, while the advanced ones, with a reddish color (that spawns upon clearing all enemies in the area), will require some agility and more aggressiveness toward them.

Also added the option to fight those bandits in the Training Room, so you can fight/practice them without worrying about dying over and over.

Keep in mind that I like challenging games and I had no intention to make this one easy at all. I believe the biggest struggle is the introduction of the combat, but that was my mistake when building up the level, that ended being too small for such complexity. You'll just have to sit at the Training Room to explore better the combat and feel comfortable with the controls. 

This is a fast paced action and not a regular Hack n Slash, so you just have to make stuff happen and react to them. Or just don't play it.. its understandable x)

I might upload a Playthrough of the game on youtube with some Combat tips later this week.

Go and give it a shot, its already available for download and throw some of your feedback!

Game on scrubs!


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Oct 09, 2017

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